Higher Education

Vidya Bharti has been playing an important role in the country in the sphere of education since 1952. Educating the students, inculcating in them cultural and moral values with social consciousness, it is building an able and complete and generation for the country and society. It is our commitment to build and develop a harmonious prosperous and culture nation on the basis of the national education system. The program and activities of Vidya Bharti are society based and society nature with a resolve to build the complete personality by developing knowledge, skills and impetus in the students on the basis of Indian education philosophy. Vidya bharti has been running Saraswati Shishu Vatikas, Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Saraswati Vidya Mandir and Senior Secondary Schools.

In this way along with the school education Vidya Bharti is also working in the field of higher education. The work has gained wide acceptance in the society.

Vidya Bharti Uccha Shikshan Sansthan has been established to realize the concepts of quality education which aims at determining the ideal and activities of higher education. There is a dire need to work towards bringing a positive change by establishing contact, dialogue, and coordination with institutions in the field of higher education. Vidya Bharti strives to create centers of excellence which would be a combination of ancient and the modern traditional and nonconventional Oriental and Occidental.

Action Plan

  • 1. To associate with the institutions agreeing with the aims and objectives of Vidya Bharti Uchha Shikshan Sansthan.
  • 2. To establish a continuous communication, coordination and cooperation with the associated institutions.
  • 3. To assist in the development of institutions on the basis of mutual support by determining college clusters based on a certain
    geographical area.
  • 4. To identify experimental, quality and prestigious institutions and to share their ideas of excellence with other institutions.
  • 5. To provide support to various organizations to accelerate their work.
  • 6. To review the syllabus, books and activities and give suggestions to the concerned government agencies and also help in the designing of syllabuses and curriculums and setting up of research agenda.
  • 7. To create public awareness on the problems and challenges of contemporary and important social, national and international issues.
  • 8. To publish journals, literary works, to organize seminars, conferences conducive to creating research environment.
  • 9. To help in planning the activities related to skill development.
  • 10. To constitute expert groups to advise, guide and support higher educational institutes.
  • 11. To study issues and rules and instructions related to higher education, keeping upto date information and communicating it to the associated institutions.
  • 12. To interact with academicians, teachers and thinkers on important and contemporary issues and points.
  • 13. To assist higher education institutions in quality enhancement process.
  • 14. To give suggestions to identify, enlist and organize alumni and motivate them to work in the interest of institution, society and nation.
  • 15. To organize counselling and mentoring programs regularly for students.
  • 16. To plan and promote multilingual competence.
  • 17. To help in making college, libraries and laboratories rich, active and useful with latest
  • 18. To encourage interdisciplinary research focussing on local, national and global needs. To
    facilitate availability of institutions.To develop various research institutes. To strive to give
    proper place to Indian knowledge and tradition in the field of research.
  • 19. To develop impetus in all stakeholders regarding nation and society.
  • 20. To Organize trainings, seminars, conferences, workshops and capacity building programmes.
  • 21. To impart quality education to bring about a social transformation and enlightenment of parents through seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings etc.
  • 22. To activate the management to bring about good governance in higher education.
  • 23. To prepare action plan for social work, empowerment of women, environment-protection, water conservation, sanitation, health, development of rural areas etc.
  • 24. To work for digital literacy in rural as well as urban areas.

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